Rebranding MyInsights makes sense when you want participants and clients to download a research app with your corporate branding

What is a rebranded app

What is a rebranded app?

A rebranded app means that you will get your own app in the App / Play Store (until the end of the agreement - which is monthly terminable). The app has its own name, description, logo, colours, app icons, help and about us text.

Rebranding process

When you request a branded app, we'll send you a document with all the information we need to rebrand MyInsights to your app (for example: the size of the app icon, app description, texts, etc).

Rebranding Process
Play/App Store Account

Play/App Store account

It is possible to list the app under your own Developer account, but we can also have it listed under our existing MobileMarketResearch account.

Submitting app to App & Play Store

When we've received all the information we will be able to brand the app within a week. We will send you a link to the first version of the app. When you are happy with how things are, we will submit the app to the App Store/Play Store.

Submitting app

You can have your own app within 2-4 weeks

It takes a few hours before the app is submitted to the Play Store and it can take up to two weeks before it is accepted by Apple. From the moment you give a 'go' for rebranding, it takes about 2 weeks before your app is available in both App Stores.

The links below show some rebranded apps listed under our account.

Rebranded iOS apps >> Rebranded Android apps >>